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Radiator space in the A1?

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  • Radiator space in the A1?

    Hello got a question. I am in love with this case and hope to get it as soon as it is released. However, I just realized once I looked it over a bit more that it may not have the room I need for my build. I plan to put in a 240mm AIO liquid cooler for the CPU and my 120mm hybrid 1080 ti. WIll there be room for the larger 240mm radiator? It looks like the only spot it could possibly fit is at the bottom, but that may be custom fit for just the two 120mm fans.

    Another quick question, is the 806 wood version shown a year ago at Computex something that is still in the plans down the road?

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    It would be too tight to place a 240 rad. You may be able to place a 120mm AIO rad in the rear.

    In regards to the 806, we don't have anything to report as of this moment.