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IW-MS04-01 / 4-port SATA Backplane

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  • IW-MS04-01 / 4-port SATA Backplane

    I bought an IW-MS04 case. Unfortunatly the 4-port SATA Backplane was out of order. It burnt out my 1TB Hitachi HDD. I checked the PCB and chip s on it with my mulimeter. So, I conluded those SM4953 chips were broken. Those chips can NOT contol the Voltage things properly.

    Here, I have several Questions.

    1. is valid e-mail for customer service?

    2. Why doesn't work the "Contact Us" menu in IN-WIN website?

    3. Can I buy the 4-port sata Backplane? I will pay for it. I don't lite hassle. You know, returning, waiting, receiving, shipping fee...etc.

    I just really want to buy the part. Without it, my Expensive IW-MS04 case gonna be nothing but, garbage.

    ps. I can't contact the seller.

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    i saw this post was answered in another thread.