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Polaris fans - what to buy ?

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  • Polaris fans - what to buy ?

    I need 2 fans for the bottom and 1 side fan for my new In Win A1 case.

    Was looking at the Polaris RGB Aluminum but since you can’t see the2 bottom fans I was thinking about using 2 Polaris RGB at the bottom and 1 Polaris RGB Aluminum as the side fan because the Aluminum version is at a higher price.

    Reading on your homepage it says “Polaris” RGB Single pack will not operate on its own and you must have the twin pack.

    Will my setup work if I buy the Polaris RGB twin pack and 1 Polaris RGB Aluminum single pack?

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    It works when you have RGB twin pack. The reason that the customer need to purchase the twin pack first is that includes a Y-cable for you to connect with the fan and motherboard.

    But this cable does not include in the single pack. So, once you own an RGB twin pack, any single pack (RGB or RGB Aluminium) can be linked together.

    We hope this helps. Thank you.