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My wireless charger is broken

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  • My wireless charger is broken

    Anyone else had issues with the wireless charger on the A1?

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    There could be several reason why the charger isn't working for you:

    1.) If you changed the PSU, it won't work when it's off.
    2.) If you own a phone that doesn't support Qi Charging such as an iPhone.
    3.) If your phone has a case on it.
    4.) The connectors aren't properly plugged in.

    Let us know if none of these fall into your current issue


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      I cannot seem to get mine to work as well. I put my phone (Lumia 920 - listed as compatible) on the charger, and the charging icon will flash up, but then it won't charge.

      I went through the four options. I have the PSU shipped with the case, and I have followed all the other suggestions and would appreciate more help to get it to work.

      Thank you,