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When will the A1 white with wood top ship to the EU?!

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  • When will the A1 white with wood top ship to the EU?!


    Just a quick question, as I'm about to start building my new rig and would really really really really really really really really REALLY like to use the A1 white case with wood top...when will it be released, and when will you start shipping to Europe, specifically Sweden? If not in the next month, then I will obviously need to chose another case, so it would be super helpful if you could give me a ball park date.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Jimmeh,

    We are trying our best in producing the A1 with the wood top, however, so far, we are not satisfied with the result it comes out. Instead of use the wood top, we currently change it to the tempered glass and brushed aluminium top. We are still trying the wood material, but for the next month, unfortunately, the A1 wood will not be released.

    If you would like to purchase the new launched A1, you can go to CaseKing to check more information.

    We hope these helps. Thank you.


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      Thank you for your honest feedback. It is a shame to hear you are having trouble getting the right finish, and I hope you solve your problems in good time! Thank you also for the link to the European seller, though they have marked up the price quite significantly (249 Euro is about $295 usd) and this makes it a little less competitive as they've essentially nearly doubled the price. Do you have a list of other European sellers at all?


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        I wouldn't hold your breath for this one. In-Win likes to show off wood cases at computer shows, but then never delivers them. (See the 806 thread for another example.)