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In Win 101/C watercooling questions

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  • In Win 101/C watercooling questions

    Straight to the point:
    1. Do you think its possible to drill some holes underneath the psu shroud to mount a reservoir there?
    2. Can you fit a 360mm and 240mm radiator? 360 being on the bottom, and the 240 on the side, not sure if there is enough room
    3. Polaris/Aurora fans, they daisy chain, do they all use one cable together for the RGB header?

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    1. Anything is technically possible with modding, but we really cannot suggest modding due to our policy. Hope that makes sense haha.
    2. There would likely be a clearance issues if you tried to squeeze in a 240 and 360 rad. If you'd prefer to use a 240 and 360, it can be done with an In Win 303/C.
    3. Yes, both can be chained to one header, just as long as your not trying to chain both fans together. Also, if you're trying to chain Aurora, make sure it's to an addressable header.

    We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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      360 and 240 Rad in a 101


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          I would say below the PSU would be a)on of a very few spots for a res and b)a good place for a res. A small one tho, I think. A large one might look too big? Why the rad on the back wall and not the removable front bracket? Better intake? I've always wanted to put a rad or fans on that bracket, on the inside between it and the front of the case rather than inside wirhwrhe rest if rhe hardware, but it would obviously choke the shit out of a build.
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