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S508G - Replacement case popout clips and beige switch

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  • S508G - Replacement case popout clips and beige switch

    I've long needed a couple replacement clips for my S508G cases (I have two of these cases). The plastic or nylon Pop clips have been damaged over time, either because I pulled without releasing them, or they just wore out.

    Recently the front pushbutton [plastic] switch cover that blends with the surface of the case to present a large easy to reach target, cracked on the back side and released it from the moorings that held it in the proper place to actuate the internal pushbutton switch. I'm attempting to repair it.. but have no idea how it was supposed to be mounted.. and its unlikely I can restore the strength of the plastic.

    I would really, sincerely like to hang on to these cases and fix them by finding replacement clips and a replacement switch.

    Does anyone know where to get replacement parts or who to contact at In Win to perhaps purchase spares?

    I live in Bryan/College Station, Texas in the United States

    Thank you

    Purchased from NewEgg

    • 1/20/2005
    • 1/27/2005

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    Unfortunately that model has been out of stock for over 5 years. We don't have a way to sell the replacement parts. We could recommend a solid replacement option in our C589 chassis to update the chassis.

    If you have certain requirements for your PC, please let me know and I'll try my best to help you out.