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805 wood infused / 806 release dates and region

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  • 805 wood infused / 806 release dates and region

    Dear sirs,

    i recently decided to upgrade my PC which was of silverstone timjin, and it was a present quite old and unstylish from outside to me.

    i absolutely fell in love with your new models you had announced: 805/wood and 806.

    I see no news of 806 whatsoever, but read the news on upcoming issue of 805 limited with wood.

    but as default region you might be choosing USA market and newegg store, which do not ship to my country.

    i live in Russia, and strongly wish to buy the case asap, moreover, since my birthday is soon)

    needless to say, I am wishing to assist in any way to receive the possibility to buy the case, I might seem even devoted to the matter.

    please could you please share any relevant info on how and when I may be able to get tge case, when it's planned to be issued in limited numbers, and starting in USA?

    warm regards!