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806 Embargo?

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    So... Have you seen the number of views that this thread has, InWin? Why hasn't there been any news on this case that apparently many people are excited about? Why even show the case at Computex if you don't plan on releasing it?


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      Whenever we introduce a new product at trade shows, sometimes they are mild samples. Meaning that they aren't perfected yet, and that they are a concept of a potential case product. Sometimes we want to hear from the community for feedback, other times we have to rethink things such as: cost, quality, effectiveness and many other factors.

      That being said, in the case of the 806, just because it was displayed at Computex and not at CES doesn't necessarily mean it won't be released. Sometimes the concept will be applied to newer ideas, sometimes it will be released at a later time until we feel it is ready for our valued customers and sometimes unfortunately the project has to be scrapped. All we can say at this time, is we have no information to provide. Once we hear anything, we'll gladly release the information.

      Hope this clears things up. Let us know if you have anymore questions.


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        + 1 from Sydney, Australia.

        VERY interested.

        (Yes, understand you have to develop product 'properly' first).

        Just want The Powers That Be to know there is interest, so much so that I bothered to sign up on this forum.