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    I have a question about replacing the front panel i/o from an 805 Red to Black. is it possible to purchase a black plate and switch it out with the red? Thanks In Win!


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      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a front bezel swap. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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        I come back to you after more than a year of using my 805C or I brought some aesthetic improvements with a small budget ( 2fan 120mm on bottom and 2*120mm in front + led rgb)

        Just some remark that would make the tower better:

        1) Filter in the bottom is not tight enough when there are 2 fans down

        A filter in the front because a little dust comes in when there are 2 ventilators in front and cleaning is difficult

        2) a 90 ° graphics card holder would be possible: there is of the place . As well as a cable passage to the rear

        3) the IN Win logo in RGB as on the 103C

        4) A passage to extract hot air upwards

        an almost satisfied customer


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          Thank you for your feedback, we will forward your suggestions to R&D department for future product consideration.


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            i come back to ask you if i can instal this product on my INWIN 805C:


            can we hope for a model in win...???




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              We've never tested on this product, so we aren't sure.


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                To confirm that the VERTICAL GRAPHIC CARD HOLDER WITH RISER CARD is very good at 805


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                  thanks for sharing !!

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                HI, there
                I have just orderd a In Win 805C, with a graphic card type
                ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core 11GB
                which has a max length of

                And after checking the specifications of 805C,I realise the maximum
                length of GPU that the case support is
                So is there any possibility that I can install that GPU? Is that 5mm really matters?
                If all the dimensions provided accurate, will it help as I
                remove hard drive cage or without install case fan in the front?
                By the way the
                CPU cooling I decided to use is the
                NZXT Kraken X42 RL-KRX42-02 140mm All-In-One Water / Liquid CPU Cooling,
                will there be room for it with my 325mm length GPU?
                Thanks a lot


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                I finished my Build last week with In win 805 case. It is a thing of beauty. It needs a few stylistic touches but functionally it is a beast!
                I need to add storage but my problem is the following:
                I removed the hard-drive case to add in 2 120mm fans. I am trying to find a way to the hard-drive case back. Is there a way to do so without removing the fans?


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                  Technically, you could put them on one of the front fans, but there isn't away to put it back without losing one of the fans.


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                    montage support vertical CG coolmaster.jpg

                    i have my support case ( 2 hard disk + SDD ) and 2 fan x 120mm on front side without problem

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                      Originally posted by Phil2940 View Post

                      I just bought your 805 and I am very satisfied.

                      Its design is beautiful.

                      I was in search of a beautiful tower with a good ventilation and it meets my expectations entirely.

                      two comments:

                      the noise. I just added 2 x 120mm Bottom Fans and 1x120mm Front Fan, I find the soundproofing a little low

                      The light: more light on front side would have improved your tower



                      (google traduction)
                      Hello Phil,

                      I noticed in one of your reviews of this case that you had a 280 mm radiator, did your radiator holes align with the base plate that came with the case for the front intake. On my case, the top holes are fine but, the bottom holes do not align and as a result the bottom fan not is stable enough to be mounted, I used wire tie's to tie it up ( it looks ghetto) but, that is not visible anyways and also I am worried that how long it is going to last that way.

                      I am surprised that In Win did not test a 280mm radiator before producing this case.

                      I just want to know if your matched and if not, how did you manage?
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                        Originally posted by SKARLET_REMEDY View Post
                        just finished my new build, here are some pics, still need to do cable management and I want to do a custom cooling loop, but for now, it still runs great. took the led out of the power button, but that's the only mod I did to the case. I don't like LEDs on the actual case...idk y but I like them inside showing off the build. hope everybody likes I said, wires are a bit messy, but everything else looks good. its my first in win probably gonna stick with you guys from now on.
                        did you put 280 mm radiatir with this case, if so, did the holes match up with the front intake plate that came with the case. if not, could you please let me know how you managed?