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    I have a question about replacing the front panel i/o from an 805 Red to Black. is it possible to purchase a black plate and switch it out with the red? Thanks In Win!


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      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a front bezel swap. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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        I come back to you after more than a year of using my 805C or I brought some aesthetic improvements with a small budget ( 2fan 120mm on bottom and 2*120mm in front + led rgb)

        Just some remark that would make the tower better:

        1) Filter in the bottom is not tight enough when there are 2 fans down

        A filter in the front because a little dust comes in when there are 2 ventilators in front and cleaning is difficult

        2) a 90 ° graphics card holder would be possible: there is of the place . As well as a cable passage to the rear

        3) the IN Win logo in RGB as on the 103C

        4) A passage to extract hot air upwards

        an almost satisfied customer


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          Thank you for your feedback, we will forward your suggestions to R&D department for future product consideration.


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            i come back to ask you if i can instal this product on my INWIN 805C:


            can we hope for a model in win...???




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              We've never tested on this product, so we aren't sure.


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                To confirm that the VERTICAL GRAPHIC CARD HOLDER WITH RISER CARD is very good at 805


                • littlejeremy
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                  thanks for sharing !!

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                HI, there
                I have just orderd a In Win 805C, with a graphic card type
                ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core 11GB
                which has a max length of

                And after checking the specifications of 805C,I realise the maximum
                length of GPU that the case support is
                So is there any possibility that I can install that GPU? Is that 5mm really matters?
                If all the dimensions provided accurate, will it help as I
                remove hard drive cage or without install case fan in the front?
                By the way the
                CPU cooling I decided to use is the
                NZXT Kraken X42 RL-KRX42-02 140mm All-In-One Water / Liquid CPU Cooling,
                will there be room for it with my 325mm length GPU?
                Thanks a lot


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                I finished my Build last week with In win 805 case. It is a thing of beauty. It needs a few stylistic touches but functionally it is a beast!
                I need to add storage but my problem is the following:
                I removed the hard-drive case to add in 2 120mm fans. I am trying to find a way to the hard-drive case back. Is there a way to do so without removing the fans?


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                  Technically, you could put them on one of the front fans, but there isn't away to put it back without losing one of the fans.


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                    montage support vertical CG coolmaster.jpg

                    i have my support case ( 2 hard disk + SDD ) and 2 fan x 120mm on front side without problem

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