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In Win 509 Air cooling problem

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  • In Win 509 Air cooling problem

    Hi from Serbia,recently I purchased 509 case from your company,I got it from Rotterdam and after 10 days waiting,I finally got it! Now,I encountered a problem-can't find solution for air cooling of your case,because of that hexagonal openings on non-glass side of the case.If I am correct,those opening's role is to push hot air out of the chamber but,if I place 3x120 mm fans there to blow air out of the case,my front panel 3x120 mm fans have no purpose,because cold air that they push in chamber,is sucked out by those fans on hexagonal openings.That way very little,almost none cold air going to motherboard and graphic card. If I place 3x120 mm fans on that red frame side(because I have ROG version so its not grey,but red) then,hexagonal openings lose their purpose because they sucking cold air that fans on front and inner panel pushing into chamber. Finally,if I don't place fans there,those hexagonal openings will suck air which is problem because there is no dust filter on them. My english is not that good,but I hope you understand my problem,and that you can help me with some solutions.I still like case and that's why I don' wont to change it.Please,help me.

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    First off, your English is great! It depends on your entire setup. If you plan on overclocking, I would suggest a combination of air and water cooling. However, the brackets for the fans can be used for plenty of things, radiators, SSDs, reservoirs, etc. There are other ways to remove the heat including the front panel and the back entrance too. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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      Thanks! Well,ok but,you still didn't told me anything that I can use. Yea,I plan to overclock,i have i5 6600K,motherboard is Asus Maximus VIII Hero,and for CPU cooler i have Cooler Master V8. Other parts for this solution is not that important but i have also Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ OC graphic card,PSU is Seasonic X650 Gold 80 Plus 650W SS-X650-80P, Samsung 950 PRO SSD,i got also one HDD WD 2TB Black,and RAM is Ripjaws V 3200 MHz. So,I don't plan to install any water cooling because i don't like them. Of course I plan to install 140 mm on rear panel,but no fans on bottom,because those fans suck dust so hard.Only problem I have is that air flow that is interrupted in bouth combinations,no matter i place fans on front panel,or inner panel,because hexagonal openings are in the middle and they will interrupt air flow there, decreasing amount of air that goes into chamber. Maybe i can lower RPM's of 3x120 mm fans on hexagonal openings,and increase RPM's on inner fans,maybe that is good solution.To bad is that hexagonal side doesn't have dust filter,it would be much easier.So,that is only thing that cross my mind for now,nothing else.I like the case so much but i think upper fan openings would be much nicer for heat management but,that's only my thoughts.

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    I think the inwin 509 will be my next case, but like Perica_83 said...i have a problem with the air flow. My question, what do you think if i use the back fan to push air with a 140mm in an than use 2 fans or water cool 240 in the middle to push air out toward the honeycomb where i will add 3 120mm fans.. for a total of 6 fans ? Can i push air from the back to the front ?


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      Our personal recommendation is to do a combination of watercooling and fans. It's better to watercool in the front area and push air our through the back. Of course, your cooling temps will vary. It really depends on your preferences.


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        I use this case and it seem like, there only a way to use it for me.. and its with watercooling which will push the air out from 2 radiator, one in the middle (Pushing on the front way) And using the backpanel combs for exhaust
        In the back of the case.. its also used as exhaust.. so finally there is no intake at all in my configuration
        Will comeback with temp later when im all setup but thats all what i can say for me as far as i am now..

        Im still in the fitting of my loop etc..


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          I agreed that it depends on preference.