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Polaris RGB fan kit missing parts

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  • Polaris RGB fan kit missing parts

    So this morning I received my order of the In Win Polaris RGB case fan kit.

    The 2 fans look to be high quality, but I haven't a way to use or test them as I'm missing the RGB Y-cable to connect the fans to my Asus mobos header. Also NOT in the sealed box were the screws (x8), OR the 4-pin header.

    So all that came in the kit were the two fans, an the short (100mm), an long (800mm) 4-pin fan leads.

    Went to the In Win website an can not find where to even purchase the y cable that is essential, even if it wasn't included as it should have been.

    This is a new build that is only lacking my cooling, an I NEED these parts ASAP. Please advise?

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    We are sorry you had this experience.To help you to get the missing Y-cable, please go to our RMA page ( Our local representative will help you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      Thank you, but I'm a bit confused on that link.

      I purchased new from Amazon, so what would I put in the "Invoice number" box? This is the first time I've had any sort of problem.

      Again, thank you for getting back to me.


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        In order to help you with the problem. We sent a private message to your mailbox. Please check it.

        Thank you for your patience.


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          Seems I didn't receive a message, either on these forums, or at my email at