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Aurora fan daisy chain limit?

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  • Aurora fan daisy chain limit?

    Is there a limit to how many fans/LED strips that can connect to a single control unit?
    I ask because I have just ordered 4 kits (12 fans) and I would prefer to keep things simple by only using a single control box.
    Also, if it is not possible to add that many to a single box, will multiple boxes work in a single system while using the addressable RGB function on my motherboard or have I made a mistake by purchasing four of these kits?

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    The recommended quantity per control box is 10 pcs, however, the 12 should still work.

    We're unsure of the motherboard you are using, but if you have one that has an addressable header, then you just need to set up the software to control up to 48 LED products. For example, ASUS's Aura can typically support 60 LED products on average. Attached is a list of compatible motherboards with the addressable headers. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your time.
    addressable motherboard.jpg
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      Yes, I have the Asus Rampage VI Extreme.
      My other concern is will I be able to address fan speeds on each fan? Or will all of the fans be going the same speed?


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        Hi there,
        Unfortunately, you cannot control individual fan speed. All the fan will follow the first fan speed.


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          You should make a cable that goes from one fan and can connect to another y adapter cable to keep the adjustible RGB flow going while being able to change fan speeds. I plan to use 12 fans, I can't power all of those from a single fan header, silly logic.


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            Just want to piggyback on this thread instead of creating a new one with the same title. How many fans can we daisy chain safely if we skip the controller and plug straight into the motherboard to use the asus aura software? My motherboard fan headers are rated at 1A each and then I have 1 H_Amp header rated at 3A. Thank you for your help!


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              It depends on how many of the LED strips you plan to chain also. Generally speaking, eight fans are good with the strips. Without the strips, you can add some more.