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rgb auroroa kit confusion

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  • rgb auroroa kit confusion

    hello i live in Panama and they are selling an Inwin 303 Aurora with model no. 1ACFAF-000600. although I cant find this model number anywhere else. The product info shows a fan kit but the picture on the box looks different to all the others I see on the web. The three fans shown are not multicoloured with red rings at edges but show a red green and blue fan color (not the rgb mix). Is this because the kit is bundled with a case AND IS JUST A PREVIOUS BOX DESIGN? And if so is it definitely the rgb kit. I assume there is no Aurora fan kit with just straight combos of red green and blue fans???

    Also the MSI website sectIon on mystic light seems to suggest it will work with that software - is that correct.

    thank you

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    The way you are describing it, it sounds like a mislabeled product. But to better assist you, do you mind providing us with the link or pictures?


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      thanks for your reply although i did just see this same picture on amazon

      but is this the same product?

      in-win-aurora-rgb-x-3-black-white-gaming-case-fan-1000px-v1-0006.jpg and as mentioned does it work with mystic light by MSI


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        i was suspicious that the one here is not the full RGB as it was cheaper than on Amazon US which is highly unlikely in Panama


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          It's the same model actually. The slight difference is to show the model that's sold with the 303. In regards to your sync question, you can actually sync to MSI's Mystic Light, however, you will need a motherboard with both addressable and RGB headers.


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            thank you so much - very useful i can now buy the case if I can find out if my MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon mobo has Addressable headers


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              the only MSI motherboard which supports Addressable and compatible with AURORA connector (3 pin) is : Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON
              however, AURORA has the control box which you can still adjust the lighting and match your motherboard RGB. But you can' t sync both lighting by just using one interface, this is the shortcoming.