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  • PAX East 2017

    In Win attended PAX East from Friday, March 10th through Sunday, March 12th and helped to represent the PC Master Race! It was a busy experience and we enjoyed interacting with all of the participants.


    We unveiled a new mid tower computer chassis in the 101. This case features a completely clean front panel with only the red LED bezel on the top right corner. The 101 featured a clear acrylic side panel, but tempered glass will also be an option.

    The PSU is top mounted and is versatile with cooling options. The 101 at PAX East was a prototype, so some features are subject change. Overall, we are aiming for the 101 to be released for late Q2.

    303 Type-C

    Making a ton of noise during PAX East was the announcement that the 303 Type-C will be made into production. The 303 Type-C was initially introduced during CES 2017 earlier this year, and due to the rising demand from the PC Master Race, we are beginning production.

    The 303 Type-C continues with all of the benefits of the original 303, but with an RGB front I/O. This version will also feature the Type-C gen 2, and will be compatible with corresponding motherboards. We are expecting a release of late Q2.


    The 301 mATX chassis was first displayed at CES 2017, and made its way over to PAX East. The small compact enclosure is capable of housing a ton of hardware including liquid cooling options. This will certainly make an excellent LAN rig with its tough exterior.

    It was already announced that the 301 would have a white/blue edition, but it made its debut during PAX East. Looks pretty sharp huh? :P

    Tou 2.0

    Also making the journey to Boston was our latest signature chassis, the Tou 2.0. The unique reflective/transparent chassis astounded many. The Tou 2.0 actually recently went up for sale on our eStore (U.S. only).

    Medieval Metal

    It wouldn't be an event without Medieval Metal! The once BS Mods casemod turned into limited edition chassis should be available within the next month or two.

    Speaking of BS Mods, they joined us at our booth and held a live build/mod demonstrations. Here, they demonstrated how easy it is to work with In Win products and how compatible they are with EK Water Blocks liquid cooling systems.

    Since we were at PAX East, we wanted to keep the gaming theme by offering visitors the chance to play VR in a high powered rig featuring the 805 Infinity. We used the HTC Vive and had a blast playing with attendees!

    Premium Series

    Also on display was our Premium Series (PL Series) PSUs! These fully RGB, 80+ Gold, PSUs should be available in late Q2. This photo came courtesy of Senpai Studios who captured the booth well in video. Checkout the video to get the full experience!

    Aurora Fans

    We couldn't forget the wall of Aurora fans!

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    PAX East was amazing and definitely had to explore this event! We were happy to see our products being used in different mods, or just for normal use.

    Like this gorgeously modded 909 by AVADirect.

    XIDAX also had a stellar 909 mod too!

    Cyberpower's D-Frame 2.0 build was definitely stunning!

    We even noticed the Z583 in the XBOX booth!

    A big thank you to NVIDIA GeForce, ASUS ROG, Hyper X, Gigabyte, Intel and EK Water Blocks for contributing to some of our builds.