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In Win Polaris RGB - disassembly possible?

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  • In Win Polaris RGB - disassembly possible?

    Hi everybody,

    i searched the topics and couldn´t find any thread regarding my question. So hopefully i´m doing it right and try it with a new topic.

    I prepare my hardware for a new custom build. Including 9 pieces of the In Win Polaris RGB fans (not the aluminium one).

    Now I've been trying for some time to find out if the fans can be disassembled cleanly without breaks or other damage. I have seen that the bracket is attached with screws to the transparent frame. But how can I get to the screws to remove the bracket from the frame? Are there connectors holding all together? Can these break?

    I want to paint the most of the black plastic in white and that's why it's almost essential.

    Can you help me and say if it is possible and how?

    Thank you very much!

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    You can disassemble the outer frame, but anything further we wouldn't recommend. You can damage the fan blades should you try to disassemble any further.


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      Hi Johnny,

      Thank you!

      Could you please tell me, how to disassemble the outer frame?


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        Remove the cover on the outer edges with a extremely thin screw driver. This covers the screws. Unscrew and you'll remove the cover. Just be careful when removing the screw cover.


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          Thanks a lot, that hint helped me a lot. At first I had not seen the gap of the cap. Perfect!