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Aurora/Polaris Controller Question

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  • Aurora/Polaris Controller Question

    So I've been working on a desk pc project for the last month or two, everything has finally gotten here and my first few practice cutouts in the desk have been very successful so I moved on to my last component, the RGB fans. I've been eyeing the Aurora for a while since it can daisy chain and it took me till today when I was about to order them to notice that they use addressable headers instead of just RGB headers.

    Currently, the motherboard I have is an Asus Maximus IX Hero (Z270) and it comes with 2 4-pin RGB headers.

    I've spent what little time I've had today looking into workarounds, similar fans, etc. and came across an Asus Aura video by Asus themselves using the InWin Aurora RGB fans with the controller to run and sync up their build.

    So my confusion is, even though the Maximus IX doesn't come with an addressable header and the motherboard isnt listed under the compatible boards, does the controller come with a 4-pin connector? I don't care if the LEDs are addressable or not, I'd just like everything to sync up with as little software as possible.

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    If you ordered the Aurora fans and use your current motherboard, you would need to use the provided control box. Keep in mind, that this would not sync with Aura if you decided to go this route. You would need to use our Aurora software. Therefore, since your motherboard possesses RGB header, I'd recommend our Polaris case fans instead. They look great, require an RGB header and would sync with your particular motherboard.