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301C - Question about RGB lighting connections

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  • 301C - Question about RGB lighting connections

    1) The 301C case has two 4-pin RGB headers on the front panel circuit board, are these independent and do both have to be hooked up?

    The RGB wire that came with the case has 3 connectors, should I be plugging the side with two connectors into the two front panel headers and the longer side with one connector into the motherboard? The manual doesn't show the front panel RGB headers, and shows the cable side with two connectors being used with a male to male union connector that is in the parts bag.

    2) My motherboard, Gigabyte GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI, has two RGB headers, one with 5-pins and one with 4-pins.

    I'm using the 5-pin header because it's pins are marked, where the 4-pin has no marking to indicate which is pin-1.

    The 5-pin header is marked 12v, R, G, B, W. I am making an assumption that "W" is white, and is not needed.

    Sorry for the basic questions, this is my first build using RGB lighting and I have found the downloaded manual to be limited in detail.
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    No worries, that's why we are here, to assist with any questions, and we're happy to help.

    In regards to your questions, yes there are extra connectors, but you only need to plug in one to use the RGB front I/O. The other connectors are provided to help aid the other RGB components.

    As for connecting to your Gigabyte motherboard, just connect the first four pins, and exclude the W.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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      Thanks for the quick response!

      I understand your response and "think" I'm starting to understand how this RGB lighting works. Will give this a try tonight.

      I don't plan to add more lighting to this case, however I am impressed with quality of the 303C, and will purchase a larger In Win mid-tower for my gaming computer re-build.

      "The other connectors are provided to help aid the other RGB components."
      • Would those other RGB components include adding an additional RGB light strip?
      • If I were to plug the additional strip into the other front panel connector, would it provide power to that strip, and be controlled by the motherboard?
      • Would that be the same as plugging an additional light strip into the unused second pigtail connector by using the male to male union included with the case? (as shown in the manual)
      Thanks again - Alan
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        Glad to hear you like it.

        Correct, you'd be fine to add an RGB strip to them. And yes, you'd still be able to control them with your motherboard. The connector on the front in male, but you'd be fine since most strips use female connectors.