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In WIn 303C RGB management and USB C front connector problems

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  • In WIn 303C RGB management and USB C front connector problems

    I have build a system with the In Win 303C case and a Gigabyte GA-AB350M Gaming 3 motherboard.and I have two problems with this system:
    1- I can't connect the USB 3 type C front connector directly to the board.
    2- I can't manage the front panel lights.The Gigabyte motherboard I use cannot do that. So I'm looking for another way to do it.
    For the USB type C: The motherboard do have one USB 3.1 internal connector and I use it for the two usb 3 front connectors. What suggestion can you propose to connect the front USB Type C? Can I link it to one of my USB 3 in the back of the PC?
    And about the colour management of the front panel, could I connect it to a NZXT Hue+ ? Would it work? What option do I have to illuminate this beautiful case?
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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    Hello there,

    You will need a motherboard that supports USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 in order to use it properly on the 303C. Also, the motherboard you have doesn't have an RGB header, so the lights won't function either. In terms of running it through the Hue, we're not sure since we've never tested that product before.