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Modding D-Frame mini, need advice on handle

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  • Modding D-Frame mini, need advice on handle

    So, I have a D-Frame mini, and I am trying to fit a micro-ATX board along with a 1080 TI. But, I ran into a problem, which is better seen than read:


    The yellow circles show where the handle is blocking my GPU's HDMI port and two of my mobo's USB ports, both of which I need.

    My question is if I cut the handle pipe off (at the point in the picture where the two green lines are), would the main frame pipes end up having holes where the handle was welded on? Also, how thick are the "tubes" of the frame? I need to know in order to figure out what's the best way to cut it cleanly.

    Also, would it be possible to buy/acquire the black version of the d-frame mini rubber feet?

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    We cannot confirm one way or another. However, based on our experience, it would likely have a hole. In regards to the rubbers, we've been sold out of them for awhile.