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  • Replacement screws

    Does anyone know what size or where I can buy replacement screws for the Tou 2.0 MB tray? I need the 4 screws that hold the MB tray to the chassis. I've tried countless screws but haven't found any that fit. If anyone knows what type of screw is used or where I can buy some replacement screws, I would really appreciate it. I hate not being able to finish my build in such an expensive case because I need some 5 cent screws. If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it..

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    We can place them on our Outlet Store for you, but the cost of shipping will make it more expensive than it needs to be. In order to save you some cash, we suggest going to Fry's or other electronics store and ask for hard drive screws. It's literally the same threading. If you are still unable to find them, let us know.


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      Hey rolldogg,

      In the US, usually screws for hard drives and optical drives, etc. are called #6-32, and you should be able to get them at Fry's or Best Buy, or basically any hardware store.

      If you're looking at the threads on #6-32 and the threads look too wide, then you probably need what is called an M3 screw. (It's basically a metric sized screw with narrower threads.)

      You can see pictures of these screws which might help on this Wikipedia page:

      Good Luck!



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        Good, thank you very much for the info. I actually have both 6/32 screws and M3 screws. I thought I tried both of those, but they didn't hold. I'll have to try them both again. It may be that the screws I was using were too long, since the screws go into a piece on the chassis that are maybe a 1/4' deep. I'll give them both a try again tonight and see if they hold. Worst case, I'll cut the length of the screw to fit. It wouldn't be the first time.

        Again, thank you very much for the info. Hopefully they'll work for me this time.


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