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DDCM Desk Project: Simple. Unique. Powerful.

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  • DDCM Desk Project: Simple. Unique. Powerful.

    It’s time for DDCM to start the next project!

    So… I present to you, DDCM Desk! Unique. Simple. Powerful.

    We will start by thanking our sponsors that have partnered with us to make this project a reality!
    First, we start with, who partnered with DDCM for our last mod, Project: Military Tech. They have continued their support and I’m very excited that they are coming onboard.

    Second, we welcome a new partner with DDCM, Alphacool! After hearing about our project and about PMT, they were happy to join MMM in supporting this project.

    Third, we have another new partner in InWin. They will be supplying the Aurora fans and Classic 900W PSU for the build!

    Project background:
    Inspired after I saw several majestic works of PC art and the need to replace my old desk. My old desk was clunky, super heavy, and only provided a cabinet with limited airflow for the storage of my modded PC, Night Shark.

    After great PC desks like L3p D3sk by Peter Brands and Project Alternate by DeBlow came into the spotlight, I began to contemplate ways to own such a unique piece of modding mastery. As I have always been a fan of the non conventional builds, thus became the challenge of making one my own. Now that my workshop can handle this sized project and I gave away my old desk to a local gamer, the stage is set to begin my own approach to the PC Desk culture. It has been a long time since I have created something for my personal use and very excited about the prospect of recording/editing content on this new desk.

    So kick back relax and enjoy this journey with me as I work to create this unique creation. Let me know what you think and I’m always open to hear suggestions or other’s experience with similar projects.

    Our “final” renders. I only say that in quotes because the renders have the desk attached to my wife’s craft desk. With a possible move in the near future, I will most likely make it a free-standing desk instead.

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    26 June 2017

    Good morning DDCM fans and followers!

    Time for another #DDCMdesk update:

    Today let’s work with a little wood. Some might argue my choice of material, but sticking with the theme of being unique, I picked up a sheet of ¾” Radiata Pine Plywood.

    First steps began with marking out my first cuts of the pieces. Hardest part was trying to figure out how much angle I needed to ensure my planned components would fit. Thankfully, my old, well used components come to my rescue again.

    Angled pieces cut out as the starting point to the rest of the build. Then I moved onto the second cut which is the first angled front window. By why stop there, after mocking up the cuts we continued to cut the back angle and the underside(5gal for reference). Next steps, the mid shelf and the bottom piece to measure and cut.


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      Good morning DDCM fans and followers!

      Time for another #DDCMdesk update:

      Once the panels were cut, we needed to get all the miter cuts so that we can continue forward with the brads and glue. Thank you to the one and only Mod-squito for confirming my technique would work. Nothing like trying to cut angles with only a skill saw. Always have a straight edge guide or at least a factory cut edge of a board.

      Once all the mitered edges were set up and verified everything joined up the way it should, it was time to start glue and nailing the panels together. We start with the bottom brace that the back panel will hinge off of.

      Then we cut the main window out and got the rest of the panels glued together. Each join was reinforced with 1 ¼” brads shot with my nailer.

      Then we moved on to cut out the middle shelf that the radiators will mount to. Got it cut and fit nicely with a mitered edge to join with the angled back panel.

      Next up, cut out the side window and cut/nail the base plate.


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        Good morning DDCM fans and followers!

        Time for another #DDCMdesk update:

        First, I share our current setup…… Be gentle on this poor man.

        Second, the last progress of the desk included mounting the mid shelf to the back piece.

        Last but not least, we have our first procured part for the desk….. a Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive. Initially purchased to back up our media/important files before I dare shut down everything and move it to the new house.

        Next up, cut out the side window and cut/nail the base plate. Once we have our workshop set up at the new house. In the meantime, we are working on getting more parts/sponsorships.


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          Good morning DDCM fans and followers!

          Time for another #DDCMdesk update:

          I apologize for the lack of quicker updates, the project is on a slight hiatus as we get settled into our new house and I have been DIY working all over the house. The wife has kept me busy on the projects so I’ve only managed to get my workshop set up.

          But I wanted to drop a quick update to introduce our new sponsor!

          That’s right! InWin has been gracious enough to sponsor DDCM desk project! They are going to be sending two of their awesome products!

          Their Aurora fan kits(which of course will be red LEDs)

          And their Classic Series 900W power supply!

          I can’t thank them enough and I can’t wait to get the unboxing video done! Will be posted to our YT channel:

          Until our next update on the desk, we will be working on a client mod of a NZXT H440 with a Final Fantasy X theme.

          Happy Modding all and thanks for sticking with us.


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            Good morning DDCM fans and followers!
            Time for another #DDCMdesk update:

            We’ll start off this update with the updated renders. Made to match the cabinet shape a little better and shortened the length to fit in the new room. We lost the Sketchup file and had to rebuild from scratch so I apologies if things are a little off.

            Next we’ll move onto showing off our legs….. our black IKEA table legs that is. Black polished metal and adjustable. Going to work perfectly!

            While waiting for some paint to dry on our client’s build, we got some backplates marked out for the desk. Motherboard, GPU, 2x SSD, PSU bracket

            Also we set up a temporary desk as the wife was going to kill me if she had to work on the budget using her Macbook only. *chuckles*

            Finally, we’ll wrap up this update with a picture of our part’s shelf getting full and linking our unboxing from Inwin below. Thanks for tuning in and having patience as we work through this desk project.

            Unboxing Video of InWin goodness!(PSU and Aurora Fan Kits):