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Vermilion InWin 909 Build

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  • Vermilion InWin 909 Build

    Hey everyone !

    Im Mohammed and I want to share with you guys my 909 Build, Done by Mark Van Acosta.

    Here is a video link :

    First, we will starts with the PC components:

    Motherboard: Maximus 9 Formula
    CPU: i7 7700K
    GPU: Asus Strix 1080 Ti OC
    RAM: Corsair vengeance 3200MHz 32GB RGB
    Case: InWin 909 Case Black
    SSD: Samsung 960 Evo 500 GB
    PSU: Seasonic 850w X-Series Gold
    FANS: Corsair sp 120 Quiet edition fans
    Deepcool RGB 360 with remote
    x2 Deepcool pwm fan hubs


    Gpu block Barrow 1080 Ti strix full Nikel
    Cpu block Heat killer
    360mm Black Ice Nemesis Radiator
    240mm Black Ice Namesis radiator
    Barrow Quartz Glass 270mm reservoir
    D5 pump red with top
    Barrow PETG tubes
    Barrow Fittings
    FTW bloody red Coolant
    Barrow mini drain valve
    Rock Enigma flow indicator


    Hope you enjoy this build.

    Mohamed Al Musafri
    Dubai, UAE

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    It's a gorgeous build!


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      I like this color theme !